Community Service


We helped run the VEX IQ & VEX events that were held at our school (Alliance Academy for Innovation.). VEX IQ & VEX events are for students in grades 6th-8th. We were able to help them through their events and also show them what FIRST robotics and robotics is all about. 

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At the Girls in STEM event, we had  females in STEM fields to talk about their experiences working as a STEM based workers. Afterwards, girls in FTC helped build small Lego VEX robots with the elementary students. This event helped the students feel empowered in the STEAM field, and that they have people that can support them along their journey. 


We talked to elementary and middle school students about robotics and then let them drive our schools FRC robot and we explained to them the functions of our FTC Robot and how we built it and the opportunities they have in the future or now to join a First Robotics Team.  
​We mentored a FLL Team on the options they have in the future and the options they have now to continue in FIRST.